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Hindu Gods and Goddesses

Hindu gods are either white-skinned or blue (the latter applying particularly to Krishna and Siva). However most of the stories are centred round a handful of big players, and it's worth knowing who they are. In no pictures of Hindu gods will you see a moustache, except occasionally on the baddies, such as the Ramayana's evil Lord Ravana; in India you will be hard pressed to find a man without the ratty porn-star look. It's also worth noting that India 's gods look very unlike the local population (unlike in Christianity, for example, where Jesus looks like a normal-looking human being). Hindu has loads of gods it makes Christianity look positively lightweight. Hindu gods and goddesses don't worry about flashing their flesh around, and although they keep the nether regions and mammaries well hidden, they always show a bit of leg; in India , legs are a novelty, so much so that when I saw foreigners wearing shorts, I'd cringe. Indians are neither white nor blue, but this may explain why it is more desirable for an Indian to be born light rather than dark. Anyway, on to the gods themselves...

Hindu Gods


Hindu goddesses



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